In the 2013 Wyoming legislative session, the Wyoming Environmental Quality Act was amended to restructure the payment and collection of permit fees for WYPDES discharge permits.  The basic change was to require payment of the associated permit fees prior to permit issuance or renewal.  Beginning July 1, 2013, all applications for new permits and permit renewals (including general permit authorizations) must be accompanied with payment for the full term of the permit or authorization 

Permittees can now pay permit fees electronically using DEQ’s e-payment website. Permittees who wish to use the electronic payment option will also need to submit their applications electronically using the WYPDES Electronic Document Upload Form. Submitting an application electronically through this form will generate a receipt number that will be emailed to the permittee; the permittee will need this receipt number to submit the electronic payment. Additional instructions about submitting an application electronically and making an electronic payment are available on the respective websites noted above. Permittees who submit applications in hard copy should include a check for permit fees with the hard copy applications; electronic payment should not be used for applications submitted in hard copy. The important requirements are:

1.      The permit fee must be submitted along with an individual permit application or general permit Notice of Intent (NOI);

2.      Permit fees are $200 per permit per year of the permit term.  Portions of a year are charged the full $200 yearly fee.  For example, a 6-month authorization costs $200, the same as a 12-month authorization.  Likewise, a 13-month authorization costs $400, the same as 24 months;

3.      The permit term begins when the permit authorization is approved, not when the application/NOI is submitted;

4.      The permit fee will cover the full term of the permit.  Additional fees will not be assessed to a new permittee upon permit transfer;

5.      Permit fees are required only for new permits and renewals of existing permits;

6.      Permit fees are not required for permit modifications,  transfers or terminations;

7.      Reimbursements will not be made for unused portions of a permit term in the event of early termination;

8.      Questions on permit fees should be directed to 307-777-2592.  




Individual permits are issued for a period of 5 years. A payment for $1000 per permit must be included with all applications for new permits and renewals for individual WYPDES permits.



Authorizations under the following general permits are only issued for a maximum term of one year therefore, each authorization under one of these permits carries a flat fee of $200.  

            WYG310000 – CBM Drought Relief and CBM Temporary Discharge:  Fee - $200

            WYG720000 – Groundwater Well Pump Tests and Development:  Fee - $200

            WYG740000 – Construction Dewatering, Water Line Disinfection and Hydrostatic Testing: Fee - $200  



Except for authorizations under the general permits for temporary discharges listed above, the length of the authorization under any other WYPDES general permit varies depending upon the NOI date and the expiration of the master general permit.  An authorization cannot be issued that extends coverage beyond the expiration date of the master general permit.  However, authorizations can be issued for shorter periods.  The fee calculator below can be used to determine the applicable fee for any of the listed general permit authorizations based upon the NOI date and the requested expiration date. 

How to use the calculator:  [Note]: If you enter various date scenarios to see the effect on the permit fee, be sure to use the TAB key after changing a date.  Using the [ENTER] key will not force a recalculation. 

1.      Identify the general permit under which you will be submitting a Notice of Intent (NOI)

2.      “Enter Date you want coverage to start”:  Enter the date you want the permit coverage to start.  The “Requested Expiration Date” is pre-filled with the “Master General Permit Expiration Date.  ”The permit fee will automatically calculate assuming that you want the authorization for its maximum allowable term.

3.      “Requested Expiration Date”: This field is pre-filled with the expiration date of the Master General Permit however, the date can be changed if you don’t need the authorization for its maximum allowable term.  For example, the Stormwater – Industrial general permit does not expire until 5/31/2028.  If you submit an NOI on 10/31/2023 and want coverage until 5/31/28, the permit fee will be $1000.   If however, your project won’t last that long and you only need coverage until 5/31/2025, you can change the requested expiration date to be 5/31/2025 and the permit fee will be $400.
Important:  It is required that you maintain permit coverage until your site is completely stabilized/reclaimed according to the general permit terms.  If you request a shorter expiration date than the maximum allowable term, be sure to allow enough time to achieve final stabilization.  Failure to do so will result in having to re-apply for additional coverage and/or potential enforcement for non-coverage.

4.      The minimum permit fee under any scenario is $200 and the maximum is $1000.  If you are having trouble with the calculator or have any questions regarding permit fees, please contact 307-777-2592.



General Permit Number Permit Type Master GP Issue Date Master GP Expiration Date Enter date for coverage to start Enter Requested Expiration Date Permit Fee
WYR100000 Stormwater - Construction (Large) 09/11/2020 08/01/2025 -
WYR000000 Stormwater - Industrial 6/1/2023 5/31/2028 -
WYR320000 Stormwater - Mineral Mining 4/1/2018 3/31/2023 -
WYR040000 Stormwater - Municipal (MS4) 12/1/2008 9/30/2013 -
WYG480000 Pesticides (Major) 01/01/2021 12/31/2020 -
WYG940000 Temporary Discharge - Groundwater Remediation 9/01/2022 8/31/2027 -